Polyurethane Fabrics

Tepastex meets the needs with polyurethane fabrics among its fabric options. This type of fabric, which we encounter in every moment of daily life, is found in chairs, beds, houses, and cars we use.

Tepastex polyurethane fabrics are easy to clean, dry easily and do not deform quickly because they have a waterproof structure. These fabrics, which have a light structure, have a wide range of usage areas. In addition to the items used, it is also suitable for use in clothing. Due to its light structure, these types of fabric are breathable. It does not sweat in clothes and offers comfortable use. It is very comfortable to use and has a flexible structure.

An Overview of Polyurethane Fabric

Tepastex, polyurethane fabrics can be produced in different thicknesses. It is available to purchase for the usage area with thin, thick, or thicker options. This type of fabric is highly preferred because it is resistant to fire, water and moisture. It is long-lasting against abrasion in long-term use. With Tepastex fabric options, it provides solutions to its customers in a short time. Fabrics produced in accordance with world standards have CE certificate.

Tepastex company has been addressing the whole world market for many years. It is among the leading companies in the development of our country with its domination of domestic and foreign fabric markets. As you can see the products of Tepastex, which is always behind every product they produce, by visiting their showrooms, you can also request the product chart.

It is among the companies we prefer with its experience in the fabric sector, the convenience of its prices and, on the other hand, its understanding of customer satisfaction. You can visit the website to view other product options in detail.