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The term “fashion” refers to an intelligent or in-vogue way of living. Fashion activities are all that young people in today’s world depend on. Because we’ve incorporated technology into every aspect of our lives, our lives would be bland without it. You can’t survive off one flavor. Just like we can’t eat the same thing every day, we can’t live our lives according to past ways. We’re looking to liven things up a bit. The Difference Between Fashion And Trends is also essential for boys and girls to know. Colorful trendy items, such as fashion, make us feel happy. Since old things have lost their significance, humans are drawn to new and lovely items. Style and the modern young have now become a part of the fashion industry.

How To Dress Like A Girl

Every generation has a fascination with style. They’re trying to stand out and be trendy. People pay close attention to the way they dress, their haircut, their choice of shoes, their gait, and even the way they communicate. It’s impossible to overlook the relevance of fashion for both girls and boys. Shalwar and Kameez, jeans, and tights with loose material are all everyday attire for girls in Pakistan.

Hairstyles are irresistible to females. Their hairstyles are continuously evolving to keep up with the latest trends. Saris are worn by most of them, but some prefer jeans and tees. Their footwear is sized to match their stature. Extended heights women wear short heels, whereas short heights women wear long heels. They select their shoes based on the color of their outfits. Fashion dictated even their manner of speaking, walking and gesturing.

When it comes to weddings, we know that girls wear various gowns. When they go to parties, they wear shalwar kameez, jeans and tights with loose material, and saris and light make-up, which they accessorize. They wear saris, shararas, and black cosmetics following their attire, which is cumbersome.

Boys Fashion

Boys prefer to wear new, attractive clothing that keeps up with the latest trends. Their style is influenced by what they see on screen or in the media. It’s not uncommon for them to mimic the movie’s action in their gait, speech, and even gestures. They’d want to wear loose and tight paints, respectively. They’re all wearing shirts that are the same color and sleeve pattern. Their take on a movie star’s hairdo. The student ID numbers are adorned with a faux beard.

Where Youth Adopt the fashion

Fashion has played a significant role in our lives in the past. Wealthy and affluent kids desire to stand out from the crowd. Because of this, they have to modify their style at some point. Others are following their lead. Occasionally, students watch television and mimic the outfits of their favorite performers. They also strive to mimic the style of the people around them. The value of fashion cannot be understated. Tone enhances our individuality and boosts our self-esteem.

Disadvantages of Modern Youth

In the same way, we know that most things have a lot of drawbacks and that these things have a lot of downsides. If that is the case, then fashion is doing its job of revitalizing our days with color, glamour, and a sense of purpose. However, it is a sad reality that we sometimes overlook the plight of the poor and get annoyed by their very existence because of our taste in fashion.

The number of parents that are unable to afford stylish items. Secondly, students spend their time and money on the current fashion trends rather than purchasing valuable literature. They put fashion and extracurricular activities ahead of their education. As a result of the fashion industry, society is now split into three tiers: higher, medium, and lower. In the end, humanity has lost its importance. It’s terrible for us to be exposed to it.


Don’t waste your time on things that aren’t important to you as a student. With this in mind, we may infer that students are beautiful when they keep their style basic. However, how we make use of it is entirely up to us.